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Episode 28

2 hours and 21 minutes of Gigi refusing to see how he is wrong.

Episode 27

In which Jeremy Rubin gives the answer to a question Constant wanted to ask but couldn’t remember.

Episode 26

In which Constant and fiatjaf talk about luke-jr hatred of Inscriptions, Stormgate, Warcraft 2, bocha, the uselessness of the school, left-handedness, AI, literacy and the future of civilization, and also: iroh p2p protocols, cryptographic curves, piracy, automated translations, AlphaGo loss, QR codes, Pix and the UX of Bitcoin.

Episode 25

In which fiatjaf and Constant talk about OCEAN, solo mining, mining shares, mining pools and Santa Klaus.

Topic Hashed 6: StarCraft

In which fiatjaf and Constant talk about the glorious future of StarCraft and other frustrating games and how to make sure they will live forever.

Topic Hashed 5: Curaçao

In which Constant tells everything about the beach paradise of all the Hollandaise people.

Episode 24

In which bureaucracies are replaced with keys which analogically are used to produce signatures.

Episode 23

In which we talk about the uselessness of the ETF, the BitVM, the Lightning and the Sunken Colony.

Topic Hashed 3: OpenTimestamps

In which fiatjaf complains about Peter Todd and Constant lays out a plan for winning against the AI.