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Topic Hashed 2: Miner Shenanigans

In which fiatjaf brings up a bunch of things miners should or could do but probably are not doing and tries to explain the F2Pool Stacks thing to a sleepy Constant.

Topic Hashed 1: Tail Emissions

In which Constant and fiatjaf talk about inflation pros and cons, the futility of these discussions and then a revelation happens at the end.

Episode 22

In which the podcast makes a comeback with Constant and fiatjaf reading the news.

Episode 21

In which fiatjaf trashes Enigma, Constant claims Flash is never coming back to StarCraft and the show ends because Bitcoin is too boring.

Episode 20

In which Constant and fiatjaf talk about Bitcoin 2.0 and the future of Lightning (F-BOLT), and a new use case for CTV is revealed.

Episode 19

In which Paul Sztorc and Constant argue endlessly about Warcraft 3 aesthetics and Roger Ver.

Episode 18

In which Constant and fiatjaf explain why computer programs are slow and how to make things as fast and nice as Rollercoaster Tycoon.

Episode 17

In which Robin Linus asks what Constant thinks of Drivechain.

Episode 16

In which a sleepy Constant explains Burak’s new settlement layer protocol, fiatjaf defends transaction relay over Nostr and we all agree Bitcoin needs trust to scale.

Episode 15

In which Constant and fiatjaf talk about website design, Ark, some philosophical points about UTXO ownership and RTS football videogames.